To Austria as a Student: How to do Everything on Your Own

23-Feb-2024 | To Austria as a Student: How to do Everything on Your Own

The first post

Becoming a student at an Austrian university is a challenge, but there are some students who managed to solve that on their own. Our first podcast episode tells you how.

Our guest is Anna. She is 23, comes from Moscow, and graduated from an Austrian university a couple of months ago.

We talked about the whole process of moving to Austria, beginning with choosing a university and applying for a bachelor’s degree, to her impression of Austrians.

As a 16-year-old student at a typical high school in Moscow, she began looking for universities and shortly chose the University of Vienna. There is a funny story behind deciding to go to Vienna, which Anna tells us during the podcast. Sometimes it is easier to choose when you are young and do not think twice.

And so the journey began.

Application at the university, for a residence permit, for a visa. Papers, bureaucracy, documents, legalizations. We still do not quite understand how she did that on her own as a 17-year-old, but Anna briefly explains her struggles and complaints about the Austrian embassy. And, we must say, reasonably.

Finally, studies have started, time runs by, and it is the right moment to look for a job. This is a burning topic for all students. Of course, it is not easy, but it is a special kind of challenge as a non-EU citizen. You need special permission, and it is not so easy to convince your future employer to do that for you.

Find out all the details and Anna’s full story in our latest podcast.

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Author: Anna Volodina